Lamp Revamp

Thursday, January 26, 2012 § 0

 When I moved out my parents gave us a few old lamps to brighten our new place. Two of them are adorable, antique, and fit right into our living room and guest room. One of them had a great shape, but the gold-and-marble motif was just a little outdated, so it stayed tucked away in an unpacked corner of our office. 

Today that little guy got a quick update!

I started by cutting a small piece from a grocery bag and taping over the workings with painters tape. From there all it took was a few coats of Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze and he's as good as new! 

See that wine bottle hanging out in the back of a couple pictures? It's going to be a lamp too! KC found these "cork stopper lamp kits" on and they are giving our 2 buck chuck  bottle a new life. Now I just have to find a perfect shade for it.

What's this?

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